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Agile Ideas

Being Agile is about being able to change direction quickly. Agile software development methods are about adaptable and responsive working methods, where:

  • Change is accommodated
  • Success is seen as software that works
  • Open collaboration is a way of life
  • Small, self managed, accountable teams are the norm
  • The customer is part of the team

"The agile approach combines responsive, collaborative people with a focus on demonstrable, concrete goals (software that actually works). That’s the spirit of agility" Venkat Subramaniam and Andy Hunt - Practices of an Agile Developer (Working in the Real World)

"Agile methods are adaptive rather than predictive ......... people-oriented rather than process-oriented" Martin Fowler - The New Methodology

The Agile Hardware toolkit has been developed to help you put Agile ideas into practice. These ideas include: